VILLAIN ENGINE is an independent game circle with interests in female-oriented and
anti-romance fiction. Immerse yourself in poorly written adventures by a sleep-deprived snail. Craft your own narrative, become your own heroine or a villain of your own undoing.

"Horrible fates lived by horrible people."


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Stories centred around romance with one or two characters, where you will be the one who leads the narrative and decides the outcome of the relationship, whether it's a happy ending or a tragedy for everyone involved.


Bloom in The Grave



These games have potentially triggering content. If you're sensitive to anything, check out the complete list of warnings.
Warnings: There'll be spoilers, proceed with cautions.


General Warnings: Depiction of graphic violence, blood and gore, strong language, death, optional pornographic content.

Us After The End: Physical assault, verbal abuse, body horror, kidnapping, sexual assault, gaslighting.
For You, My Eternal: ███████
Our Violent Delights: ███████

Chrysanthemum by the Grave: Religious sacrifice, mass murder, sexual assault, suicidal themes.
Of Grave and Camellia: ███████